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Samuel Ajayi & CO.
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Under neqociation , pls corespond with the  Lagos or Abuja Office or United kingdom Office .We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


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About Us

Mooyila Limited is certified British Council agent / counsellor in United Kingdom (UK) with branches in Nigeria. We pride ourselves on being the right choice for all educational needs, with several years of experience in recruiting overseas and home students for schools in the United Kingdom.

Our fleet of services includes, but not limited to, recruiting students for universities and colleges, and providing training and educative vocational programs to fit into our client’s specific needs and budget.

We have a team of immigration advisers as partners, who will provide guidance throughout the application process whether it be from inside or outside the UK

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application process whether it be from inside or outside the UK

Mooyila Limited also recruits oversea workers and provides jobs either internally within our organisation or externally through our partner agencies based in the UK

We help our service users secure accommodation either before or on arrival to the UK by linking our clients with landlords or reliable agents. Guarantors can also be provided service users upon request.

To reduce the burden of transport as most service users may be tired upon arrival to the UK, Mooyila limited provides airport pickups from London or any major airports to service user prospective accommodation.

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We must not also fail to mention that we have partnered with some of the best African kitchens here in the UK to make available local African dishes at very low price, while your palate gets used to what indigenous delicacies Britain has to offer.

You may be aware that changes in UK immigration policy now grants students the opportunity to apply for a 2-year post study visas (3-years for PhD students) after completion of their study, and who knows your ward will be favoured to gain employment that offers Tier 2 visa before the end of their prospective study. This allows students who intend to settle in the UK further opportunity to do so.

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From experience, we can boast that the United Kingdom is the best country that offers a balance for study, work and living, as our team comprises of associates of whom 60% have studied and have been living and working in the UK for more than 15 years.

We tailor our service to meet our client’s specific needs and budget, leaving them with a lifetime and informative experience of pleasure and satisfaction.

We cannot wait to partner with you as you undertake this journey.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is that the future for the country depends on people gaining the right education starting  with  living and working together on foundations of education,understanding, respect and trust.

Our mission To make studying  international for people of all countriesis  faster in less times,Manage expections,make each move enjoyable and make thier new destination thier home

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We  makes the process of studying in the UK easy and convenient for foreign students. If you are interested in pursuing your education in the country, feel free to get in touch with us in London, England or in Nigeria . You may also refer to our process :

Uk Visa Advice For All
Graduate visa
Career Opportunities

shortage occupations’, We  comming Soon on This Topic


The OISC was set up to try and prevent migrants and their families getting poor quality or dishonest immigration advice. Tackling bad immigration advice was considered to be important not just for individuals and companies directly affected, but also to be in the public interest more generally

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Samuel Ajayi & CO.
Annex B, 2nd Floor (Livingate) Hajj House, Central Business District, Abuja.



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Uk +447830516878 Nigeria:+2348062382026


Muyiwa Ogunlade


Education Services

As part of our educational services, we recruit students from all over the world for schools in countries like the United Kingdom

Counselling and Recruitment

An international educational student recruiter, providing support and expert guidance to people wishing to study abroad, especially in the UK.

Training and Development

With our professional expertise, you can have access to the most comprehensive learning and training services offered by Mooyila Ltd. The training can be tailored to meet your organisation’s needs or provided through an existing training package in your choice 

of venue.




What Parents are Saying

At last l found the right people , Very friendly set of people, they make the Application easy and simple, support tailor to my need, The support l have in Uk by the Uk Team is Second to none. Well done

Ade Bimpe

Msc Cyber Security

My wife gain admission to Study ,  they process the Application for the Family,  Help in Accommodation in uk , From Nigeria Team To UK Team , l work  with  PowerUtech Limited and my wife a student

Mr & Mrs Bangboye

Student, Powerutech Limited

Mooyila  Consultants , little talk and more action, easy Application Process, Visa made easy and support me and my sister through our study, The Uk  Team is wonderful ,  Now we are  done. Well done sir. My God Blessed You

Taiwo & Kehinde Adegbaju

Student, BSc & MSc

Mooyila Limited
Registered Business