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Guiding Student Applicants to UK All You Need To Known

makes the process of studying in the UK easy and convenient for foreign students. If you are interested in pursuing your education in the country, feel free to get in touch with us in  England, Nigeria and Republic of Benin

Fund Your Account With the Required Amount for 28 Days Consecutively

The maintenance funds, which is the require government stipulated living cost and tuition fees balance.


Complete Assessment Form


Our basic assessment form helps us to give you matching options, giving you what you need up to the last details depending on your choice, of course, previous academic qualifications and work experience.

English language

English language is part of the requirement for any student wishing to study in the United Kingdom; each applicant must be able to prove his or her knowledge of English language when applying for the University admission or Visa.e


After Addmission :Pay the Required Tuition Fees

The total course fees for a year, the deposit required depending on the school. However, the total fees and the required deposit as detailed in the unconditional offer letter.

Take TB Test

It has become part of the immigration requirements for a resident of Nigeria who is coming to the UK for more than 6 months to do the tuberculosis test. The test must be from one of the approved clinics:


Apply for Your Visa Online

Attend the Visa Centre for Your Interview

The printed copy of the online form, payment and appointment slips along with all other necessary documents will be taking with you to the Visa application centre on the scheduled interview date for submission and credibility check via interview. Contact your allocated consultant for further details.

Receive Your Visa Within Weeks

In recent time Visa application decision is decided in weeks, depending on how straightforward the application is. Although, some go beyond the official stipulated time, but the Visa Centre seldom notifies each candidate when their visa application documentation is ready for collection via the tracking system.

Purchase Your Ticket

Our clients can purchase their flight ticket from one of our pre-selected travel agents, giving them the best price with excellent service.


We work with you all through the process till your final arrival in the UK; things can’t be smoother than now, take advantage of our team of expert to realize your life goal

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